Join Baltimore Can

Baltimore CAN has come together, uniting communities, congregations, workers, youth, and small businesses to demand more from development. We call upon the Mayor, City Council, and other elected officials to stand up for Baltimore and expect more from developers, especially those receiving taxpayer subsidies, by enacting Community Standards legislation that requires:

  • Community Participation and Transparency Environmental and Health Safeguards
  • Housing Affordability Protections
  • Well-integrated Transportation and Parking
  • Public Safety
  • Historic Preservation
  • Responsible Business Development
  • Quality Job Creation

For too long, communities across Baltimore have stood alone against politically connected developers and big-box retailers that disregard the concerns of neighborhoods, workers, and nearby businesses as they apply suburban standards that threaten the urban fabric we value. But together… Baltimore CAN Raise the Standards for Smart Development!

Download the PDF Sign-Up Form Here or Submit  Online

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2 Responses to Join Baltimore Can

  1. Barbara Larcom says:

    I love the criteria for development mentioned in the above list, but it appears that 2 of them got mixed up on the same line – community participation and transparency should be separate from environmental and health safeguards.

    Also, in addition to environmental “safeguards” – how about some proactive green building development?

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